You've got Questions? We've got Answers.

How many other chefs will be using the kitchen while I am using it?
The Twisted Kitchen will never book another company during your scheduled time. There may be instances that tours may take place during your time in the kitchen. We will do our best to remain out of the way and cause minimal distractions for the short time we will be in the kitchen. Every effort will be made to schedule tours when the kitchen is not in use.However, if you know another food business with which you can work with, you may both use the space during your rented time. The ‘secondary’ company would need to sign up for their own Food Corridor account and provide proper documentation as you, the primary company, did. The company who has the rental agreement with the Twisted Kitchen is fully and solely responsible for the payment of rent and deposit, for any damage from misuse, cleaning, and ensures that any and all Twisted Kitchen equipment is cleaned and accounted for. If you are splitting the space, access to the kitchen is limited to the scheduled rental time for both companies and may not be extended without prior authorization and approval of the extra usage.
How can the Twisted Kitchen be used?
The Twisted Kitchen can be utilized in several different ways, each with different requirements. The Kitchen can be used for commercial and non-commercial food preparation on an ongoing/regular basis. Please refer to the Idaho Health Department with any questions or concerns that you may have. They are the experts and the Twisted Kitchen defers to their knowledge and expertise!

Commercial Cooking (Kitchen and Commissary)
The Kitchen can be used for foods sold to the public. These foods are required by the Health Department to be prepared in a commercial kitchen or commissary.

Non-Commercial Cooking (Personal Cooking)
The Twisted Kitchen is a great space to do your larger scale personal cooking of foods not intended for sale to the public.

Single Use (Commercial or Personal Cooking)
The Twisted Kitchen’s location makes it a great space to prepare foods for a large event. Public events, such as fairs, festivals, and farmer’s markets require foods prepared in a commercial kitchen.Personal events, such as large family gatherings or a gigantic harvest from your garden, that makes using a large commercial space easier on you and your family and friends.
What if my preferred time slot isn’t available?
The Twisted Kitchen uses the Food Corridor system to manage its bookings. The Food Corridor calendar shows all available times. If your preferred times are currently taken, you may choose to book the next best time slots that could work for you for now. In the meantime, keep an eye on the calendar to see when your primary choice time slot becomes available and book accordingly.
Who can use the Twisted Kitchen?
You. Anyone. Literally. Can you cook? Then Yes. You. Seriously though, anyone who needs a certified commercial commissary to stay within health industry requirements and food safety regulations.  Or anyone who needs a super clean, sanitary, large kitchen space to prepare food for personal consumption.Also, if you are a film and commercial production company, we are production friendly!
Why cook in a commercial kitchen?
1. Legal Kitchen: Food service regulation requires food sold to the public to be prepared in a commercial commissary kitchen. Twisted Kitchen offers you, our clients, a sanitary, licensed, and permitted facility regularly inspected by the Ada County Health Department.
2. Low Initial Investment: The Twisted Kitchen provides the facility, equipment, and adequate workspace to build or expand your business at a much smaller startup cost. Basically, we bought the expensive kitchen, so you didn’t have to!
3. Manageable Ongoing Fixed Costs: You rent the kitchen for exactly the amount of time you need. Need more? Need less? Simply book the hours as you need them.
4. No Long-Term Contracts: Should your needs change for any reason, the contract you sign with the Twisted Kitchen may be terminated at any time you need it to be canceled. The contract must be canceled to begin the deposit refund process.
5. Convenient and Accessible Location: The Twisted Kitchen is conveniently located just 4 minutes from downtown Boise, 7 minutes from the Cole Road Costco and 20 minutes from the 10 Mile Costco.
6. Schedule Flexibility: The Twisted Kitchen is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! This allows for anyone who needs to keep their day job and still work on their culinary dream!
Will someone clean up after me?
Each client who rents the kitchen is responsible for cleaning the kitchen, including all the used equipment, tables, utensils, and floors. The Twisted Kitchen happily supplies all the necessary cleaning supplies for you to use! The Twisted Kitchen also will do periodic deep cleans  to ensure the commissary kitchen remains a clean and sanitary workplace! During your onboarding, we will go over the cleaning supplies and requirements with you.