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Interested in starting or growing your food dream into a business? The Twisted Kitchen is here to help! The Twisted Kitchen is 1485 sq. ft. of expertly appointed commissary kitchen space for you to spread out, prep, create, and experiment! You and your team have sole access to the space during your rental time. A benefit of having full, sole access to this gorgeous space is that it might streamline your processes, thus shortening the amount of time you need to rent the Kitchen!

Do you desire flexibility to fit your food business dream into your regular life schedule? Need more hours in the winter than the summer or is the summertime your peak season? Schedule the hours that work best for your business model! In 30 minute increments, you can rent the kitchen for the exact amount of time you need it each day, each week, or each month!

The Twisted Kitchen is available 24-7, 365 days a year, so you have flexibility around the clock! Shifts are subject to first-come-first-serve availability.

This sounds awesome! How do I get started?
The process is quick and easy! The very first step to gaining access to the Twisted Kitchen is to call or email us to set up a tour! We gladly accept tours any time by appointment only. You can reach us by calling (208) 297-9686 or shooting us an email
The Twisted Kitchen utilizes the Food Corridor System, a cutting-edge kitchen management system. Once you set up your secure online account, this system will help you manage a few key facets of your food business.

• First, you can upload and store all your important documents related to your food business (like licenses, permits, insurance documents). The system will remind you to renew them when the time comes.

• Second, you can store your preferred payment method to ensure automatic payment as you need to rent the kitchen. You can use a Credit/Debit Card or ACH to make your payments. Also, you can choose to be billed as you use the kitchen or have us set you up to bill you monthly (when you select a monthly plan).

• Third, you have access to the kitchen calendar to see where and when you can book your hours.
If it’s already booked, it won’t be available. Time is rented on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• Finally, there are many other benefits for you in utilizing this system. It’s all part of how the Twisted Kitchen can help you make growing your food business easy, manageable, and smooth!

Contact Central District Health for additional guidelines about food safety and licensing.

So, what all is available at the Twisted Kitchen?
The Twisted Kitchen has a lot of brand-new equipment for you to use! A HUGE plus? All of the list below is included in your rent!

“Hot Stuff” (all gas-powered):
• 6-burner cooktop with side griddle, two lower ovens
• Grill
• 2-basket Fryer
• Large ‘low-boy’ Stock Pot burner
• Convection Oven
• Microwave (not gas-powered)

“Cool Stuff”
• Spacious prep station
• Large capacity can opener
• Commercial Meat Slicer
• 20-gallon Mixer (attachments: dough hook, whisk, mixer blade)
• Wand/Immersion Blender
• Food Processor
• Vitamix Blender
• Kitchen Aid Mixer (dough hook, whisk, mixer blade)
• Large capacity Ice Machine
• 3-sink Veggie Wash Station

“Little Stuff”
• Measuring tools (spoons, cups, bins)
• CutleryServing Utensils
• Pots (Stockpot, saucepans, frypans)
• Many other little things to help you in the kitchen!

“Cleaning Stuff”
• 3-sink washing/sanitizing station
• Hi-Temp dishwasher
• We even provide you with the necessary cleaning supplies to make cleaning up a breeze!

What about Storage?
The Twisted Kitchen has dry, cool, and freezer storage. “Day use” of all three is included in your rent! Need extended storage? The Twisted kitchen has limited cool and dry storage; however, there is no freezer storage for extended use.

Cleaning is required at the end of each visit and/or before vacating the facility. Cooking & workspace and rented items must be cleaned inside, outside, bottoms, and tops. The space should be as clean as you found it. Cleaning time is included in the amount of time rented, not in addition to it.

Questions? Twisted Kitchen contact information:

(208) 297-9686
Schedule a tour